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Penguin Style Catalog Cheats April 2009

Hello all penguin’s Club Penguin came out with a brand new clothing line today .

below are all the Penguin Style Catalog Cheats and Secrets for all of you to view so you can get the stuff you may have missed in one of the last Catalog’s.

09 Here are the clubpenguin Catalog Cheats April 2009~


For the Red Viking Helmet, go to page 4 and click on the light square.


For the Spikester, go to page 6 and click on the light square


For the Spikette, click on the light purple square in the middle of the dance floor.

Thank you~ cptag


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Club Penguin April Fools Day Party Cheats 2009

hatHello all penguins the release of the 2009 April fools day item has been found the newest item is the blue spinney cap =]

Here are some of the place you can go to when the party comes out!



Here are the swfs for the party~

Well Thats all for now penguins cptag~

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Exclusive Club Penguin April Fools Day Party Update 2009 Edition Spoiler Alert


Club Penguin Blog has posted a sneak peek for the new April Fools Day Party that is launching on this Wednesday I Cant wait to see what the come out with for his party!

the new Penguin Style catalog comes out this Friday.

Well thats all for now cptag~


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Club Penguin Cheats

Hello everyone i have some Club penguin cheats for all you penguins to try out on your own . If you have any problems with these cheats or glitches please leave us a comment we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Make your penguin have no arms.

1. Remove all your cloths and close your player card.

2. Open your player card and put on the camera but don’t close the card yet.

3. (Optional step) Don’t exit your player card, but click another penguin in the area and then exit their player card.

4. Press wave. Wow! Your arms should disappear like magic.

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Club Penguin Trackers Site.

Hello everyone Iam cars38 and welcome to my new club penguin cheats and glitches site I have been bloging for many years and have had two 300 thousand plus hit sites . I have just came back to club penguin

The reason I quit playing the game of club penguin and blogging I got hacked and scammed I lost all my penguins my two sites and I thought I would never come around to playing club penguin ever again!

But now I am back and I am smater now I will not be giving anyone my password to blogs,penguins Ect.

(Here is a picture of my new penguin)


Well thanks for stoping by comment please! your clubpenguin buddy cars38

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