Penguin Style Catalog Cheats April 2009

Hello all penguin’s Club Penguin came out with a brand new clothing line today .

below are all the Penguin Style Catalog Cheats and Secrets for all of you to view so you can get the stuff you may have missed in one of the last Catalog’s.

09 Here are the clubpenguin Catalog Cheats April 2009~


For the Red Viking Helmet, go to page 4 and click on the light square.


For the Spikester, go to page 6 and click on the light square


For the Spikette, click on the light purple square in the middle of the dance floor.

Thank you~ cptag



  1. Penguin 1030 said

    u forgot the pot of gold

  2. Penguin 1030 said

    and the boa on the purple hoodie pocket

  3. clubpenguinsaenz98 said

    Can i be an athour of ur blog!!

  4. dylan said

    i now wer the blue helmet is

  5. peaky43 said


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