Club Penguin April Fools Day Party Cheats 2009

hatHello all penguins the release of the 2009 April fools day item has been found the newest item is the blue spinney cap =]

Here are some of the place you can go to when the party comes out!



Here are the swfs for the party~

Well Thats all for now penguins cptag~



  1. gasnier11 said

    Do you want help with this site? My e-mail is

  2. heyy lovee the blog very informational
    or however you spell that haha:]
    well pass by my blog and
    leave some comments♥

  3. Jenell said

    Dear Friends, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    Two Jewish women were sitting under hair dryers at the hairdresser.
    Sadie says, “So now, Monah, how’s your family?”
    Monah responds, “Oh just fine. My daughter is married to the most wonderful man. She never has to cook, he always takes her out. She never has to clean, he got her a maid. She never has to work, he’s got such a good job. She never has to worry about the children, he got her a nanny.”
    Sadie then asks, “And how is your son these days?”
    Monah says, “Just awful. He is married to such a witch of a woman. She makes him take her out to dinner every night, she never cooks a dish. She made him get her a maid, God forbid she should vacuum a carpet. He has to work like a dog because she won’t get a job and she never takes care of their children, because she made him get her a nanny!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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